“Ms. Michon is my writer-of-choice for intuitive, clear, impactful writing on individuals, events and mission highlights. Her communication skills and creative community relations projects enhance my command goals by improving unit morale, motivating excellence, and bringing the base and the Air Force Reserve's key contributions to local and national audiences.”

Colonel Robert Swain, Jr.
Commander,Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass.

“As a rapidly-growing company, we needed to focus our mission and business practices to ensure smart growth and internal efficiencies. We hired Sandi Michon to facilitate a day-long corporate mission, vision and objectives meeting with the Bauza & Associates staff. From this professionally-conducted session, we not only developed a clear mission statement but had energized our employees toward a common purpose. Since then, our agency has experienced year-over-year, double-digit sales increases.”

Wilson Camelo
Bauza & Associates

“Sandi Michon possesses a smart intensity and an ear for what communicates. She took the raw, disparate chapters of my book, Trail Magic, and transformed them into a unified whole. I’ve seen her work on short pieces as well, and the work always comes out better – substantially better – for having undergone her scrutiny.”

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Bishop
Director of Human Resources and English Professor
U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado

“I feel privileged to have Sandi on my faculty staff because of her professionalism, qualifications and great attitude. As a key facilitator of the Senior NCO Leadership Course, her dedication and creativity have elevated the program to new heights, and student feedback is always at the highest level from her classes. She is a talented communicator, and seasoned leaders gravitate to her when they seek advice.”

Senior Master Sergeant Sandy Kitchens
Course Manager, Professional Development Center
Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

“Sandi is an expert, award-winning writer and editor who brings passion and creativity to her writing. She has a remarkable and uncanny ability to interpret challenging issues and subjects into clear, eloquent and concise writings. She always delivered compelling writings that enhanced the Air Force mission by improving troop morale and readiness as well as public trust and support. ”

Maj. Wilson Camelo, Public Affairs Officer
Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass.