About Us

Sandi Michon

As principal of Michon Associates, Sandi Michon is the “go-to” person for corporate communication, education and publications – to bring your organization to the next level of excellence. She is an award-winning writer, expert editor, innovative communicator, skilled facilitator and effective educator with 20 years experience in media and community relations. Her 28 years as Air Force Public Affairs Superintendent includes senior-level strategic counsel, newspaper editor, media/community relations, management, and photojournalism coverage of global events, often published at a national level. With degrees in education and public affairs, she has led leadership and effectiveness courses around the country, and provided community workshops for 20 years.

Michon Associates is passionate about people – seeing potential, recognizing excellence, problem solving, empowering – providing the spark for self-discovery and growth. Sandi has provided training and troubleshooting for companies like Mass Mutual and Walmart, facilitated corporate goal-setting sessions, and founded a community educational cooperative serving hundreds of families with training, resources and encouragement.

Business communication is the single most time-consuming activity – and often most critical to increased productivity, and presenting your company’s image to colleagues and customers. Michon Associates can provide all types of professional business writing and editing, marketing tools, newsletters to inform and recognize employees, and specific training to eliminate problems that reduce productivity.

Concentrate on what you do best. Let us improve the rest.